Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Download it for PC!!!!!!!!!

The game is all about avoiding the incoming tank. Player handles a tank colored green. The controls are as follows :-

  • w - forward
  • s - backward
  • a - left
  • d - right
  • l - speed up
  • k - speed down
  • esc - quits the game
  • any other key stops the tank.

There are currently three power ups, namely

  • +10000 score (pink circle)
  • +1 enemy (orange rectangle)
  • -1 enemy (white circle)

The more the number of enemy, faster your score will increase.

I would be glad to hear from those who play the game. Would feel really glad for any report of  bugs, likes, dislikes et all. Hope you enjoy the game...

Please feel free to share this game. I hope, I do get the credit for making it since I really worked hard on it.

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